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City-State of Mag Mell

The Mag Mell Region is named after the City-State of Mag Mell. This one of the most important cities of all of Terria, because of the gate to Braxris on Ianna. The Autumn Isle and Knucklebone are also part of this region, to the north Border Town, which stands the first line of defense to the peninsula.

City-state of Mag Mell

N Metropolis
Corruption +1; Crime +5; Economy +10; Law +5; Lore +12; Society +5
Qualities academic, counterculture movement, financial, government capital, holy site, prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +10
DEMOGRAPHICS Government Plutarchy
Population 510,000
Notable NPCs
Guildmaster of the Silver Order Bertholomeeus van Watersdonck (NG male human wizard 14)
Archmage at the School of Sorcery Lord Erendil Fireweaver (LN male elf magus 16)
General of the Golden Elite Sayyid Abul-Husayn (CG male half-elf fighter 12)
Grand Cleric of Xeal Marriel (LN female cleric 3/wizard 3/mystic theurge 6)
Captain of the Golden Elite Phalny'Ana (LN female elf magus 11)
Thieves Guild leader Agrendaclya "Agren" Urdo Guild (CG male halfling rogue 11)
Noble Heir Gil Westron (NE male vampire aristocrat 3)
MARKETPLACE Base Value 35,000 gp; Purchase Limit 200,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th
Minor Items All; Medium Items Nearly All; Major Items 3d4

The largest city on Terria, Mag Mell is a city of magic. It is famous for its great library, mysterious Undercity and its living elven docks. It is also appealing to many wizards and sorcerers, because of the general acceptance of magic, which is shunned almost everywhere else. Not surprisingly, the city is led by five arch wizards who try to promote the use of magic everywhere. They have created the Order of Wizards and the School of Sorcery. The marketplace is always busy. Goods from all over the continent can be bought here. To an outsider, it might look as if the city never goes to sleep.


Greenshire is the north-eastern forest of Mag Mell. It is home to some Halfling and Sha villages and a large source of lumber for the city. For those that enjoy it, this forest is an excellent hunting ground where the bounty is plentiful. A small group of druids makes their home here, but they are rarely seen outside their forest.

Knucklebone Cemetery

Within the Sea of Cinders lies a small island. This entire island is one great cemetery for the neighboring cities. Warriors from wars in the past, nobles of Mag Mell and the common man are put to rest on this island. Unfortunately, some spirits may awake form their eternal rest and roam the island as undead. The Keepers of the island regularly put this undead to rest, but more continue to rise every day. No mortals should set foot on the island without the consent or the presence of a Keeper or priest.

Lodestone Ridge

These mountains are known for their magnetic stones that are mined there. Strange, large chunks of rock float around on the peaks of many of the mountains. No one has discovered yet how or why these rocks can float.

Ruins of Enialis

The old part of Mag Mell that was ruined during the god wars has been dedicated to the god Enialis. Within these ruins, legend tells, Enialis and his companions defeated Magdu. Nowadays only a small shrine of Enialis remains. These ruins have long been plundered but evidence about the Old Gods can still be found here.

Autumn Isle

East of Mag Mell, beyond the sea of Storms, lays the Autumn Island. Once an old elven city, the people of Woodbury make their home here now. A wise baron oversees the peace from his Manor. The trees on the island have a very wide range of colors from golden to red and brown to green. The trees and leaves are prized through Terria because they make it look like autumn thought-out the year. Many elven people still visit the island regularly.

Woodbury Manor

Baron Denan leads Autumn Island with a strict but fair hand and he is considered a wise man. His manor is built on a hill not far from the village of Woodbury. The ruins of the old elven manner were broken down and reused in the new manor, giving it an elegant look. It is said that the Baron once held a higher function in one of the city-states, but a scandal made him resign this function.


Wilderhouse is an old eleven hunting lodge on the far side of the island. Here most of the elven travelers go when they visit the island. The elven keeper of the lodge is a trusted counselor on the island. The Wilderhouse and the councilor have always been on the island. Old records show that the councilor has been around since the first humans set foot on the island.

Industry & Trade

While Mag Mell is a city of trade and commerce, primarilly. Its own craftsmen and industry that focus on creating magical equipment, and with the influx of new techniques and rare elemental resources from Braxris on Ianna the trade is booming during this age.   One of the great works created this age, an arcane powered machine that runs on a single rail connection the Mall Mell to the gold and silver mines of City-State of Myntal. Called The Goblin Works, it was a project started by one of the World Shapers, Clawos Ironbiter, a Sah of a legendary group of heroes, who changed the fate of 3 kingdoms on Ianna. This line continues to the Armor Citadel and the Ocean Gate located there.


Castle Naglfar: The stronghold of the city from which the arch-wizards rule. Both the City Guards and Watch are headquartered here. The castle has been built upon a cliff overlooking the harbor and provides a good view over the city.

The Great Library: The largest library in Imarand. It is a replica of the old Elven library found in the Undercity. All the books found there were moved to the new library. The knowledge gained from these books caused a leap in magical research for Terria. Regardless of what subject you want to find information on, it is likely a book or scroll about it can been found within those walls, but some books remain inaccessible to the general public.

Nethergate & The elven shelters: These are the elven ruins underneath the city ruins of Mag Mell, on which the city was built. These ruins hold many dangers, but those who successfully venture down, return carrying riches beyond mortal dreams. What still remains of those riches is unknown as more and more adventurers go down to find their fortune.

Mag Mell Dwealmor.png

Mag Mell Veilgap by Martijn Donker

Underneath the ruined of the old city of Mag Mell lies Nethergate a trading town on the edges of the surface world of Terria and the Netherworld below the earth.

Neefa Chapel: A large chapel of Neefa stands near the market. Here, the poor and weak are provided with food and medicine. The priests are very active in the slums to make it a healthier place to live in. Anyone who can't find a place to sleep for the night is given a bed in the Chapel.

Guilds and Factions

City Watch: As one of the two armed bodies maintained by the city, the Watch functions as a police force. Watch members dress in green and black uniforms. They are well trained and well equipped with leather armor, clubs, and short swords. They would rather talk problems over than use force of arms, but if fighting is required, they can use horns to summon reinforcements.

Golden Elite: Like the City Watch, the City Guard also known as the Golden Elite is headquartered in Castle Naglfar. Unlike the Watch, the guard is made up of professional soldiers responsible for defending the city, protecting the gates, and guarding important citizens and locations. Guards wear scale or chain shirts and carry long swords and long bows.

The Silver Order: The wizard guild of the city trains and teaches magic in the city and regulates the use of magic in the city. Every wizard and sorcerer must join this guild to be allowed to practice magic in the city. Membership costs 40gp, with no yearly dues. Members can purchase magical components and some magic items at the tower of the Order, the headquarters of the guild. Also known as the Masters of Knowledge, the Silver Order has recovered the Elven Library from the Undercity. The tower of the Order maintains a permanent Control Weather effect around the city.

School of Sorcery: Most wizards, sorcerers or witches on Terria have studied within these halls. The masters teach magic to everyone who is capable and willing to learn it. They enforce rigorous tests on the students to discover which ones possess great talent for magic.

The Luck Gamblers: This thieves' guild is quite famous around Terria, mainly because of their unusual tactics and tricks which seem to be somewhat chaotic. It was founded by Agren, a Halfling who is said to be an immortal. No job is too difficult for the thieves ‘guild as long as you pay enough. There have been reports that they have stolen items from under guard's noses and even the school of sorcery was unable to keep them out. The guild seems to have a kind of magic that disrupts normal magic. Rumors say that Agren has befriended a Wild Mage who goes by the name of Cindel Lydell, but nobody has seen her or knows her whereabouts. The guild has some rare items that many would like to get their hands on. The most treasures items are five Rings of Spell Shaping. Supposedly Cindel Lydell made those rings as a token of friendship to Agren. These rings can reshape a spell to any desired effect. These rings are a thorn in the side of the wizards of The Order, who would pay a large sum of gold to anyone who can take a ring from the guild. Guild Thieves wear leather armor and carry short swords, a couple of daggers and a hand crossbow. Most of the guild thieves are trained in the arcane ways.


The city was founded in -1365 BAC by the elves of Azuraill. Even at that time, the location is brimming with arcane energy. These powers were what protected the city for the massive tidal waves caused by The Black Isle when raised from the sea, and would eventually form the Veilgap / Dwealmor that houses the city itself.   Unfortunately, in -394, the city would largely be destroyed by the forces of Margu. Now abanded by the elves, the humans rebuild the town on its old foundations in 32 AC, to become the metropolis it is today. During this time, the people founded the School of Sorcery, and in purpose is te study the Veilgap, and the magic the elves used, and eventually become a magic tradition on its own.   Again the city was partly destroyed by Magdu again when he battled a young demigod called Enialis in 1051 AC.   In the next 30 years, the damaged parts of the city where rebuild, finishing in 1081 AC, only a small outer section of the metropolis was never rebuilt, what is now called the Ruins of Enialis.   In collaboration with the Braxris the city of Mag Mell, would embark on another grand construction project, the Grand Portal. It's opening in 1101 AC would be the beginning of the Age of Heroes, and firmly establishing the City-State of Mag Mell as the center of Terria.


Noble Ward: In the northern part of the city is the Noble Ward where the noble families and the rich merchants live. In this ward you will also find the Naglfar Castle, The School of Sorcery and The Tower of the Order. Many statues and fountains can be found here and the most expensive shops you can find line the streets. The temples of Leticia and Xeal have been built here.

Elven Docks: A remnant of the Undercity that has been rebuilt. These docks are large trees that can grow and repair themselves. The most interesting parts of the docks are the trees that shape themselves to match the ship that is trying to dock to its roots. Many druids claim this area is unnatural, even though an ancient shrine of Demari rests at the bases of the trees. The old goddess of nature blesses the tree itself.

Merchant Street: This Street intersects the city, running from the west gate to the east gate. On this street you will find any shop you could imagine. Every merchant guild also has a guild house on this street. The famous Green Shell Inn is located here, known for its entertainment and the fine ale they serve. The Slums: The southern part of the city has gone bad. No law is upholding there and the south gate has been closed for years to keep more trouble out. Agren's guild is likely to be located on the border of this Ward, but no law-abiding citizen has ever seen it.

Mag Mell.png

City-State of Mag Mell Banner by Martijn Donker


  • Map of Mag Mell
Alternative Name(s)
The Grand City

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