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Agrendaclya "Agren" Urdo

Leader of the Mag Mell Thief guilds

Agren is a halfing female, skilled acrobat, and burglar with a knack for arcane mysteries. She made a name for herself by adventuring with a famous adventuring group at the end of the Age of Lost Roads.   Agren is a master thief well-known in the cities of Mag Mell and Braxris. Her thieves guild with the help of wild magic has pulled some heists and jobs some thought to be impossible. With some help from the Wild Mage Cindel.   The Thieves guild out there to better themselves and hone their skills have a bit of a generous view on the jobs they take if the coin is right, the cause is noble, the entire guild might help out a miserable sod.   Agren's thieves guild the famous and loved with the locals. Thanks to that popularity, Mag Mell hasn't made any move again Agren and her guild yet.   Rumors say that the halfing is over 200 years old.
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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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