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Regale's Heroic Rites

Major Rites

Major rites are gained when a character achieves a key goal, overcomes a major challenge, or something else deeply related to their character. There should be a maximum of one major rite for a character. Here are some examples:

Rite of the Bulwark

When you or a creature you can see within 30 feet takes damage, you may use your reaction to reduce the damage taken by 2d6+your proficiency bonus.

Rite of the Feral Beast

When you are below half health and not incapacitated, you can choose to gain one of the following benefits: +2 to AC, +2 to attack rolls, +2 to damage rolls, or +2 to saving throws. You make this choice at the start of your turns.

Rite of the Resilient

Once per dawn, when you fail a saving throw, you can choose to succeed instead with no additional effects. You add your Constitution modifier to your death saving throws

Rite of the Phoenix

When you would die, you instead get back to half your maximum health, and radiant flames wreath your body for one minute, allowing you to deal an extra 1d4 radiant damage on successful attacks while the flames last. After one minute has passed, you gain 4 levels of exhaustion.  

Minor Rites

Minor rites are typically achieved through skill checks, spells, or other such things related to the character. There should be a maximum of two minor rites for a character.

Rite of the Beast Whisperer

You can cast either the Speak with Animals at will or Animal Messenger at 3rd level once a day without using a spell slot.

Rite of the Devout

You have advantage on Persuasion and checks made towards members of your religion. You gain a +2 to all Religion checks.

Rite of the Skilled

You gain expertise in a skill. An appropriate stat (chosen by the player upon receiving this Rite) increases by 1 to a maximum of 22 (ex. expertise in Athletics, +1 Str or Dex)

Milestones Explained

Rites are achieved by players overcoming a Milestone in a character's story, personality, or abilities and are selected by the DM. The rite(s) and Milestone(s) selected should be thematically accurate for the character and must be completed in the game.
The Milestone(s) are challenges set by the DM. An example of a Milestone:
Milestone: Cast Speak with Animals 5 times
Reward: Rite of the Beast Whisperer
Note: The DM is not obligated to disclose the Rite(s) or the Milestone(s)   The above rites are not concrete and just samples. For more inspiration for rites, the Beneficial Properties (section of Artifact Properties in the DMG) or the Blessings (section of Supernatural Gifts also in the DMG)


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