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Ember's Character Creator

Race Determine what race you want your character to be. Check relevant cultural articles (if available, most are WIPs) and/or ask the DM about the topic. Things are largely the same between normal D&D and this world

Ability Scores

Before applying racial bonuses to your stats, you can either roll for your stats or choose your stats (The DM has to approve your stats)  

Rolling Stats

  • Roll 2 sets of 5 4d6 drop the lowest. If you roll above a 16, consider it a 16. If you roll below an 8, consider it an 8
  • Total up your 5 stats. If the total is lower than 57 or higher than 70, reroll your stats
  • Subtract the total from 75. That is your sixth stat
  • You may repeat this process a single time, or resetting as per DM's discretion  

    Alternate Point Buy

    All stats start at 7, and you have 33 points to raise them as you want, not exceeding 16. Ask your DM before having two or more stats below 10.   

    Racial/Species Ability Increases

    If your chosen race/species has two or more set racial/species ability scores increases, you must keep one bonus (you may switch a +1 to a +2 and vice versa) but are allowed to change the other(s). For example, Bob wants to play a half-orc wizard. Half-orcs have a natural +2 to Strength and +1 to Constitution. Bob may switch it to +1 to Intelligence and +2 to Constitution or vice versa.  


    Use the standard equipment or you may roll for gold in front of the DM. You may reroll once.  

    Make Intelligence Matter (MIM)

    When introduced, a character may spend training points from intelligence (specifics in Avlarin’s Universal Axiom)to gain proficiencies/expertise, if it fits with their backstory and the DM allows it. They count towards the total points you have.  

    Magic Item Points

    When you create your character, at the DM's discretion, you gain magic item points equal to your level multiplied by a modifier, determined by the type of campaign/setting you're in. As always, magic item rarity or point cost is determined by the GM, or if the item can be acquired according to the setting and your character.
    Setting/Campaign Type Point Multiplier
    High Magic x3
    Standard x2
    Low Magic x1
    Rarity Normal Point Cost
    Common 2
    Uncommon 5
    Rare 10
    Very Rare 25
    Legendary 50


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