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Bipbap's Magical Alterations

Spell Adjustments

These are spell adjustments. Unless specified otherwise, the spells listed still function the same.   All spells require a spellcasting focus to cast. If the spell requires material components, the spellcasting focus can be either the material components or a usual spellcasting focus.  


Acid Splash

Targets a 5 ft. radius sphere.  

Chill Touch

Until the end of the caster's next turn whenever the creature hit by chill touch regains hit points, healing is reduced by an amount equal to the spell attack modifier of the caster.  

Magic Stone

Goes up by 1d6 at the 5th, 11th, and 17th levels.  

True Strike

Is now a bonus action and has a verbal component. The spell ends if the target moves more than 30 feet away.
Yeah True Strike used to suck entire balls but apparently a cool human called up one world's goddess of magic and convinced her to change it and she thought it was so cool she convinced the rest of the gods of magic to change it as well. I, of course, thought of this change long ago, but I wasn't in contact with a lot of gods and it slipped my mind with the other great ideas I had jumbling around in there. So really I was the one. Finders keepers.
-Bipbap the Grandiose

Vicious Mockery

Does d6 damage instead of d4 damage.  

1st Level

Find Familiar

Doesn't cost material components to cast, has HP equal to your spell attack bonus, and has AC equal to your spell save DC. You can telepathically communicate with the familiar when they're within a number of miles to you equal to your proficiency bonus.  


If subjected to fire, creatures in the area must make a Dexterity save or take 1d6 fire damage at the start of their turns or when they enter its area for the first time on a turn.  

Mage Armor

If upcast to 2nd level, AC is 15 + dex (max 2). If upcast to 4th level, AC is 18, with no dexterity bonus.  


Can be triggered by you making Dex save and can add +5 to Dex saves as well.  


Every three feet of movement you clear on the jump costs one foot of movement instead of the normal one-to-one ratio.  

2nd Level

Crown of Madness

On subsequent turns, instead of having to use your action to maintain your control, you can use a bonus action.  

Find Steed

Has extra HP equal to your level + your spellcasting modifier, and gains proficiency in a saving throw of your choice each time you cast the spell.
Find Steed is added to the ranger spell list.  

Mirror Image

If you upcast this spell, you gain a bonus to the d20 rolls made to determine if an attack hits you or an illusion equal to the level spell you cast Mirror Image at minus 2.  

3rd Level


When counterspell is cast, both casters must make a contested ability check using their spellcasting modifiers with a special bonus equal to the level spell they cast. For example, if a +4 intelligence wizard casts Cone of Cold (a 5th level spell) and a +5 charisma sorcerer casts Counterspell (a 3rd level spell), the wizard would have a +9 to their check, while the sorcerer would have a +8. If the same total is rolled, the counterspell fails.   The bonus of any magical items raising the spell save DC applies to this check.  


Unwilling targets may make a Wisdom saving throw to not be affected by the spell.  

Phantom Steed

If you cast the spell over the course of an hour, the steed lasts for 8 hours, until dismissed or destroyed.  


Casting Sending across planes has a 50 percent chance of failure.  

Tiny Hut

Added to the druid and ranger spell lists.  

Thunder Step

You can either choose to have the area affected by the thunderous boom be the point you're teleporting to or from, instead of just from.  

4th Level

Find Greater Steed

Has extra HP equal to your level + your Wisdom or Charisma modifier, and gains proficiency in a saving throw of your choice each time you cast the spell.
Find Steed is added to the ranger spell list.  


The spell functions as normal but lets a creature retain its mental stats (Int, Wis, Cha).  

Summon Woodland Beings

The summons cannot cast spells greater than half your proficiency bonus.  

5th Level

Teleportation Circle

If you cast Teleportation Circle in the same place over a period of 30 days, you make it permanent. You can activate a teleportation circle linked to another teleportation circle with 10 minutes of focus, as if concentrating on a spell.  

6th Level

Guards and Wards

Now protects the area from divination magic such as scrying.  

7th Level


8th Level


9th Level


Cannot be learned without the DM's permission


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