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Dhani heard the reports coming from this airspace. This was a cluster of forest islands on the outskirts of the Bada Jungle. These sky islands had massive trees, where the islands have broken away from the main jungle and drifted this way. Normally this was a prominent trade route, but a Janavar was reported to be in this area disrupting the caravans.   He patted Tivra on the side of her scaley head. Dhani and his Wyvern were perched on a floating rock, as Dhani peered out in the area with a spyglass. Tivra nudged Dhani's bag several times. Dhani caught the bag before the Wyvern pushed it off the rock.   "Tivra!" he looked pointedly at Tivra. "We are about to get you food. Be patient."   Dhani looked back through the spyglass. From a tree with a wide canopy and thick trunk, Dhani caught movement from a branch. He inspected it more closely and confirmed that something was hiding in that tree. Dhani stood up and whistled at Tivra, who immediately sat low where Dhani mounted Tivra. He spurred her into the air.   Tivra flew at level with the branch. Dhani released his reins, pulling out a small piece of fleece. Chanting some words, he made motions in the air with his finger, drawing the shape of an Avarian male, flying through the air in front and below where they hovered. When his chanting ended the image he conjured in his mind appeared. Tivra knew the play, she continued along the path.   Dhani waited. They neared the massive tree where he knew the Janavar would be. As the illusion passed under the tree, Dhani saw the beast lunge. Its long hind legs were outstretched. The creature looked like a mix between a grasshopper and a spider. Its four hind legs were long like grasshopper legs with the front four legs being that of a tarantula. As the creature appeared, Tivra dove without Dhani's input as they had trained.   The Janavar passed through the illusion, which disappeared. Realizing its prey was false, wings sprung from its back which fluttered for it to take flight. That lull of movement gave Tivra the time for her barbed tail to lash out and pierce the Janavar, injecting poison directly into the creature. The Janavar started to thrash from the sudden pain. It soon stopped. Tivra gripped the beast in her claws.   Dhani and Tivra headed back to the rock this all started on. Tivra dropped the Janavar on the rock and let Dhani off of her. The Janavar was as tall as Dhani, which gave him shivers. To think your last moments were to be ambushed by such a horrifying monster. Tivra was happy the bite into this monster, spilling orange and black ichor. Dhani wasn't sure what was worse, Tivra's satisfaction with eating this monster or the smell.

Basic Information


Janavar's are a combination of grasshoppers and spiders, with the front four legs are more alike to tarantula's and the hind four legs are akin to grasshoppers. In its back are a set of wings that can be folded away. It has an exoskeleton structure, making it tough to damage. Unlike spiders, the Janavar cannot weave webs, however it can squirt its venom from its fangs to paralyze creatures from a range.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Janavar is an egg-laying species.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon birth, Janavars are as small as lap dogs. As they grow they molt their exoskeleton until they reach their adult size, which can be roughly 6 ft in height.

Ecology and Habitats

Janavars spend most of their time in areas that large birds and reptiles live. They prefer large trees and high places where they can drop onto their prey instead of jumping up.

Dietary Needs and Habits

When young and small, the Janavar feed on birds that they can catch. As they get larger they search for bigger prey. This can be adventurers or even small dragons. They prefer birds but will eat what they can catch.   They are ambush predators. If their ambush fails, they will attempt to escape rather than stay and fight.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The venom of a Janavar is used as a paralyzing poison. Their carapace and wings are potential ingredients for Boots of Flying and Rings of Feather Fall.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Elemental Plane of Air

Janavars are native to the elemental plane of air, where every location with a tree is a perfect place for them to set up an ambush and every creature on the plane flies. They are the natural enemy of Wyverns, which Wyverns love to eat.  


Janavars have been reported being seen in the Tal'rafa Wilds where the tall trees make for perfect hunting locations for the Janavar.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

This creature can see in the dark and can detect the presence of anything that moves nearby with the hair-like follicles on its legs and body.

Civilization and Culture


The Janavar in culture is believed to be a beast created by Plas, Goddess of Pestilence and Air to punish the King Sumit to always hunger for the flesh of his people. She turned him into the first Janavar because of his claims that no one dominated the skies like he did, not even the gods.
40 years
Average Height
6 ft
Average Weight
2,000 lbs


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