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Kingdom of Braer Crium

Braer Crium is a heavily militarized country with its capital Cleorough sitting upon the top of a mountain that has had its peak leveled. The Kingdom is constantly at war with Troforsia, the Mageocracy to the south as both seek to be the sole controller of the continent.


The Kingdom of Braer Crium has a Monarchy with the High King sitting on the throne in the capital and various Lords and and Ladies of varying rank occupy the position of leader across the other towns and lands. Some of the smallest villages lack a ruler from the nobility but instead are simply governed by proxy, often the mouthpiece or representative of the nobleperson whose land they are within.

Public Agenda

Braer Crium seeks to become the sole nation on the continent by bringing its neighbor to heel. It was originally content to share the land but after they were attacked first it became an official position that the only way to defend themselves fully was to be in control of the entire continent.


Braer Crium maintains a wealthy nation subsidized largely by their overflow of precious metals and gems as well as functional metals as a result of their continuous mining of all the mountains around them. Much of the money goes into maintaining city walls, infrastructure, and defense. While Crium has multiple port cities they lack a large navy due to their isolationist tendencies they tend to see other countries off the continent as not much of a threat. The kingdom has a grand Citadel in the capital city as well as many smaller castles in smaller cities along with a number of forts functioning as checkpoints around the country. Almost every major city is walled.


The Kingdom of Braer Crium came about in the year 1252 back when the continent was host to multiple smaller kingdoms. The two kingdoms of Braer and Crium merged together when they married their Crowned Prince and Princess combining into the kingdom of Braer Crium. From there they set their eyes outwards and began conquering other kingdoms until they reached the size they are today. The kingdoms in the South East managed to see what was coming by the benefit of being the farthest away from Braer Crium and banded together in mutual defence and managed to halt the growth of Crium.   The most notable event in Braer Crium's existence is about 100 years ago in the year 1352 when there was an assault on the capital by Troforsia.

Demography and Population

Braer Crium is a human nation largely consisting of the Bemaren people. The second most common population is dwarven immigrants from Datia and Dejia which moved there after being ousted or leaving their clans for one reason or another


Crium holds the North Western 2/3 of the continent while its neighbour, Troforsia, holds the South Eastern 1/3. There is a small section a ways north of the capital that falls outside of Crium's power but it is only because it is so inhospitable that no one ventures there.


Crium houses a vast and mighty military within its borders. The kingdom has always had a rather large military and been militarily focused, previously because of the danger presented by the White Wastes as well as the harshness of the environment with the number of monsters but after the capital being assaulted by Troforsia, the military has grown even further as with its suspicion of outsiders. While the kingdom itself may not be as magically focused as its neighbour, the military has a surprising number of casters and magical defences and weapons. Walls tend to be magically reinforced and warded, siege weaponry enhanced by magic to assist in aim and destructive power along with other miscellaneous magic arms and armor for the standard troops.


The official religion of the kingdom is the Church of Woelia as The maiden goddess was originally from their kingdom. Their is a grand temple for Woelia in the capital and a smaller one in every other town. The other gods tend to only have small temples in the Capital and shrines, if anything, in the other cities.   The worship of the Dark gods and fiends is forbidden in the kingdom as it is in most places and suspected cultists are arrested and thoroughly questioned before judgment is brought down, unfortunately, the kingdom is a bit overzealous in their inquisition due to a history of fiends being summoned and used against them in times of war by Troforsia and as such tend to go with a "rather safe than sorry" approach which has lead to a number of innocent people being summarily executed during times of strife.   Unlike many other places, the worship of Fae is outright outlawed, while in many other countries the worship of Fae is, while not endorsed, or even acknowledged by society and governance as a whole it is usually not wholly outlawed either due to the Fae being the precursor "gods," but in Braer Crium it is outlawed on pain of death, though, the law is rarely acted on due to few numbers of Fae worshipers in the country coupled with the kingdom not being on very high alert about it in comparison to worship of the Dark gods and fiends.

Foreign Relations

Braer Crium is a rather isolationist country with few ties to any countries and open hostilities with its neighbor after being attacked. The only ties Crium holds are to Datia and Dejia for their close economic relationship and now Roth for magical supplies after the fall out with Troforsia and the now heavily restricted border between them.

Agriculture & Industry

The capital and the surrounding cities such as Hester, Witfield, and Westforge, are primarily mining based, though the actual mining work is done by the lower class. While the towns further out from the capital such as Baeren, Thorn, and Modbury, along with many others focus on agriculture which then gets moved around the entire continent in markets so that everyone has food. These agricultural towns, while further away from the capital, are just as heavily defended as they supply the kingdom with food.

Trade & Transport

Despite the kingdom being isolationist, the capital is still a thriving trade city with merchants from all over visiting to sell wares. This is due to the lavish wealth hoarded by the nobility and upper-class of the kingdom. While by no means does the city have Bazaars on the scale with those in the East for the country the town has a surprisingly large trade centre. Though the bulk of trade not intended to be exclusively for the nobility ends up in the port towns, chiefly the town of Hateston which is the primary port city for import/export purposes. Most other smaller port cities tend to be fishing towns but still see their fair bit of trade.


While there is no universal schooling system throughout the kingdom that's not to say everyone in it is illiterate. In fact, aside from some certain circumstances, almost everyone is literate to a certain extent, though the lower classes tend to be literate only in subjects they come across frequently such as their ability to read and write is often exclusive to their profession and perhaps a hobby or two. Basic arithmetic is also often taught in small day schools that, while having no unified curriculum, often teach whatever the adults in the area know to their children or a particularly bright adult to the others. This aids in a more rapid spread of education than would happen if parents only taught their own children and levels the playing field a bit. One thing everyone does learn on top of their native language of Braeran is the language of Common to aid in conversations across borders.


Being a heavily militarized nation the infrastructure is actually very good and well maintained. The Kingdom saw in its conquering of the others that the crumbling infrastructure was a real detriment to the defenders when attempting to repel them. As a result, Braer Crium has spent vast sums fixing, constructing, and maintaining an infrastructure of roads, forts, aqueducts, medical facilities, checkpoints, bridges, and anything else necessary for ease of moving and caring for troops. As a side effect connecting the general population to these systems has greatly raised moral and instilled a sense of goodwill in the general population.

By the might of our walls, we will endure

Founding Date
1528 Dragon: 18 Wyvern
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Braer, Crium, the Warriors of the North
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Crium is one of the last places to have not adopted the common currency used around the world since the advent of the gods. Instead, they've minted their own currency using the royal family crest on one side and the symbol of Woelia on the other.
Major Exports
The kingdom has few exports, only exporting raw ore to the Confederations of Dejia and Datia for crafting purposes
Major Imports
The Kingdom has few imports as a whole, placing an emphasis on being self-reliant and a tad isolationist. The majority of the imports come from the Confederations of Dejia and Datia which are arms and armor as well as the occasional piece of jewelry. The other bits of imports are usually from the east which consists of exotic spices and fabrics as well as magical supplies from Roth, predominantly for the military.
Legislative Body
The reigning king is the officiant and executor of all legislation written but the court will often assist in drafting the wording, acting as advisors but the final decision of wording falls to the King.
Judicial Body
The handling of laws and regulations is largely relegated to the guard or in a matter of particular importance the local lord.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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