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Iandell is a vast world inspired by D&D lore mixed with real-world Celtic (Irish, primarily) lore as well as having its own unique pantheon as well as the roles of outsiders being a bit different.   The primarily conflict tends to happen on a pantheon scale depending on the time period, from the original Fae rulers stepping down when mortals ascended to god-hood and slowly plotting how to regain control to the ancient history of the Fae fighting a war against the Fomorians (Giant precursors, not to be confused with the D&D creature called a Fomorian). While still maintaining medium scale conflicts such as kingdoms warring to Illithids and Yuan-ti vying for control over a king and making political maneuverings against one another. To even the small-scale conflicts that occur in various villages to an influx of goblins to a pesky Hag making life miserable for everyone in the area.   No matter where you look there will be lots to do whether you seek a high stakes conflict preventing a mad mage from destroying various planes to a more humble approach of caravan guards.

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