Pumpkin Soup

After a long day's work in the cold of winter, there's nothing nicer than a warm bowl of pumpkin soup to enjoy.
— An Ordonian
Pumpkin soup is a staple of cuisine in Ordon Village, especially in the colder months. Interestingly, the Yetis' pumpkin stew is strikingly similar to Ordon's pumpkin soup, despite being on the opposite end of Hyrule and despite being in the frigid mountains of Snowpeak.


For as long as humans have lived in Ordon, they have grown pumpkins as their staple crop. From there, using pumpkins to make a hearty soup was an easy choice, given how well pumpkins take to the soils of Ordon.


One of the things that pumpkin soup and pumpkin stew have in common is their incredible versatility. The only ingredient that is absolutely required is the pumpkin itself. All other ingredients are up to whoever is making the soup or stew.
Usually, the broth for the soup is either a vegetable broth or a fish-based broth, while the Yetis' pumpkin stew tends to use fish-based broth.
Common ingredients added to the pumpkin soup include corn, onions, carrots, and sometimes peas. On the other hand, the Yetis' pumpkin stew often includes cheese,
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Ordon Village
The Snowpeak Mountains
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Consumable, Food / Drink


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