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Gerudan Sandstone

Gerudan Sandstone is found exclusively in the Gerudo Desert.


Material Characteristics

Gerudan Sandstone often has streaks of different colors - the most common of which being a dark red-orange and a paler yellow-orange.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Its texture is very grainy, owing to the high sand content. It is also highly resistant to heat and fire, which makes it very desirable for building in the Gerudo Desert.
It is durable, but also very easy to carve into.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Due to its abundance in the desert, it is frequently used as a building material.

Cultural Significance and Usage

A vast majority of Gerudo buildings are often made using or featuring Gerudan Sandstone. This allows the buildings to provide shelter from the blistering heat of the desert.
Gerudo buildings very often feature carved markings, ranging from words/characters in their language to design elements and motifs referencing their culture/mythos.
Rock, Sedimentary
Extremely common in the Gerudo Desert
Yellow, orange, or reddish-yellow


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