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Spring, 100 years after the last Princess Zelda's death

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While past stories from Hyrule have included beautiful princesses and courageous heroes, this story comes long after them, where the Triforce has been shattered, and people have lost their faith in the old goddesses. With the shattering of the Triforce, the reincarnation cycle of its bearers was abruptly stopped, and Hyrule is without a true ruler. Many leaders have attempted to lay claim to the throne left empty as the last Princess Zelda breathed her last, but none have had the full support of the people thus far, and the resulting power struggle has caused the land to fall into a many-sided civil war.

However, out from the chaos has sprung a new organization: The Wardens of Hyrule, dedicated to carrying on the role of the lost Hero of Time and bringing back peace to their homeland. Even beyond the factions struggling for control, another, darker organization lurks in the shadows, eager to snuff the Light out once and for all.

Will all the different factions of Hyrule manage to set aside their race for the throne in order to stop this dark force? Will the Wardens have to face them alone? Only Time can tell...

Most of this campaign is inspired by and based off of the material found in this Reddit post, therefore some things are not entirely my own, but I still put a lot of work into it, nonetheless.

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