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How do the dominant cultures of Liggjavard feel about guests? Some common sayings reveal a lot about people's attitudes towards the stranger in their midst.  
The parlor door is open, the chamber door is shut.
— Rothilimion host, muttering to their spouse as they bring out a cheese platter
Rothilimion are slow to make close friends, even among their own kind. Sometimes shortened to "Parlor door, chamber door," this saying illustrates how the elves of Rothilimion enjoy having guests for formal, polite, and brief visits, but then they are done. As a visitor, you will not be invited to spend the night, nor even share a meal, when visiting the Rothilimion. The only exceptions are when visiting hosts trained by the Ambassadorial Service, who are used to adapting to foreign cultures, even when it makes them uncomfortable.  
Fight your brother.
— Ervangorlen tracker
With the Motsaandu, what is left unsaid is often more important than what is spoken aloud. "Fight your brother!" is what the Motsaandu say about hospitality - the unspoken implication is that you are welcoming to the peaceful foreign stranger. The Motsaandu are gracious hosts, unless you raise your hand against them. Then they will call you "family", and attack without mercy.  
Criminals are not like fruit.
— Viisas guard officer
The lizardfolk of Maapera say this because it is true. Criminals aren't like fruit, because you can't eat them before they go bad. For the humor-impaired Lizardfolk, this is not a joke, just good advice. They know that outsiders get upset being thought of as food, and try not to repeat this saying in front of them. On the other hand, piirakka made from prisoners can be so, so tasty.  
A colleague brings beer. A friend brings stories. Family brings both.
— Steuen mining engineer
The dwarves of Hertenland work hard and play hard. When they relax, they want beer and entertainment. ("Good ales and good tales," as one visiting bard put it.) It is not uncommon for Dwarves who are visiting each other to announce their arrival by holding up a cask of something fermented and roaring "Family brings both!" to announce they have a story to tell and a drink to go with it. (Non-dwarven visitors to the halls of the Dwarf Lords will be welcomed if they make this kind of entrance, but they'd better be able to back it up with skill in both drinking and storytelling.)

This article is currently a work in progress and may be incomplete or subject to change.

Formal Topics of Study
The Rothilimion Ambassadorial Service has sponsored a great deal of research on cultural differences between the people of Hvatvetna in recent years, in order to better maintain Rothilimion neutrality.

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Author's Notes

Describe some common idioms and sayings from a culture in your world.
— Summer Camp 2019 challenge

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I love how you staggered the quotes in columns, might borrow the idea and will credit just got remember to look in read list. I didn't think about using general categories for quotes and feel abit silly for it. Interested in knowing more sayings from your world   Are there only four cultures? just 4 studied? Has a culture rejected the study? (I didn't understand the "Criminals are not like fruit" quote even after reading the text below.....might just be me and late night brain. What is PIIRAKKA?   If you do add more to the main text, don't forget the sidebar. Keep worldbuilding!

9 Jul, 2019 12:16

Fruit you eat before it goes bad. But you have to wait for people to turn bad and be criminals before you can turn them into tasty meat pies! :) The piirakka came up in my travel guide to Hyvamaa, and I haven't written the recipe prompt yet to put more detail on them. I started from scratch for Summer Camp 2019, so those four are as far as I've gotten. I need plenty more than four, but it seemed a good start, and a good way to start thinking about the cultures. Thanks for the review!

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I really liked most sayings, as well as the little sneak peek into why these sayings are being studied provided by the sidebar. I'd love if the sidebar was expanded a bit more, maybe giving an insight into what do the Rothilimion think of the different sayings and cultures.   I also liked the format, though I think it may look better if the lower two quotes both started at the same length.

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Ha! I started with them in separate rows to force them to be lined up, and decided to go with Pinterest-style staggered columns. I'll take a look at switching them back to a grid later today and see how it looks after sleep. :) I like your idea of fleshing out the sidebar more with notes on the particular views of the Rothilimion, thanks for that!

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Nice article! I like how each saying gives the reader a good idea of what each society is like.   As the MGatta mentioned, the article might look better if the bottom two quotes were the same length. You might be able to fix it by flipping the two quotes on the right. I also think it might be a good idea to add either more sayings to each culture or add other cultures.

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I can't argue with a review that says "I like it, add more." :) As I add more depth to the world, I will for sure come back to this page. I could see adding other pages with sayings about different topics, but not in July... :)