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Drelock Armada Sphere

"We've only been able to send in a few probes into the galactic core since the Raids, and what we've been able to get from their feeds is sobering. What the Drelock attacked us with was a warning, and we don't want to see what them being serious truly means."
— Intelligence Officer Caliar"
  Once a curiosity that all the great powers coveted, the galactic core is now feared and avoided above all other locations in the galaxy. Containing the highest density of stars in the galaxy, it was always known as a potentially dangerous location to explore and potentially colonize, then the true horrors of this mysterious celestial phenomenon was revealed when the Drelock Raids devastated the galaxy. After this terrible event the galactic core was renamed the Drelock Armada Sphere, and has become a location that all are denied entry to for fear of calling down a worse attack by the Drelock.


Filled with the densest population of stars in the galaxy, it is difficult to navigate even with the usage of ship made Void Rifts. The sheer number of stars has also led to a higher then normal amount of black holes roaming around the Drelock Armada Sphere, further increasing the dangers of flying through this large sector of space. At its center is the galaxy's super massive black hole and its six orbiting neutron stars. This strange celestial formation has baffled many of the greatest astronomers of the galaxy, and has only grown more mysterious with the appearance of the Drelock Armada in the galactic core.

Natural Resources

Besides the vast amount of material found inside the Sphere thanks to the abundance of element creating stars, the primary resource that many still wish to gather from this sector of space is its ample supply of Void Crystals. With such a high local gravity throughout the sector, it has a higher then normal amount of Void Rifts, leading to an abundance of Void Crystals at all times.
Alternative Name(s)
Galactic Core
Galactic Sector
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