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Homefront - Estratha

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Rani of the Clockwork Fog/Mists wants to conquer the kingdom Huria by a specific time, but her hordes of mechanical constructs are having difficulty due to the imaginative minds of the Hurian people.     Themes: Even small actions can have major effects. “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” Everything is not what it seems. Good and evil are subjective. The world is shades of grey. Love is the most powerful driving force in the universe. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.   The kingdom of Huria has bananas that Rani believes will grant her godlike powers over life and death. Rani needs the bananas before the specific time, because after that point it will be too late to save her daughter.     DM Goals: Playing out a massive war between vast forces on a small, personal scale.

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