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Order of Mitigation


The Order of Mitigation is a civilian knightly order lead by the Four Tacticians of Old. When the leaders vanished in Shepherdsrun 19 ED, the order, now without leadership, was inevitably pushed back to the Sentry at Ød by Warblerssong 22 ED. It was then that the Order underwent new leadership at the hands of the Church of Threes.

Public Agenda

To conquer Hjoldus for the people and run out the monstrous forces that plagued the land. The Order of Mitigation sought to secure Hjoldus to make it safe for its people.


Waged the Conquest over southern Hjoldus and to the Banded Steps with the intent to rid the world of monsters and secure prolonged safety for the people of Hjoldus. Eventually the frontlines were brought back to the Isthmus of Ød after the founders, the Four Tacticians of Old, vanished somewhere in the Banded Steps.


Upon the Declaration of tranquility and the return of the guards from their posts, the Church of Threes officially decommissioned the Order of Mitigation on the grounds that the Secured Territories were not under any threat, and the boarder between civilization and the Wilds was fastened.


Secure for the people what they deserve.

Harvestsend 1 ED - Warblerssong 1 ET

Civilian, Knightly Order
Parent Organization
Church of Threes

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