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Being the first central location where all ancient tribes of Hjoldus assembled during the Conquest, Basal is host to humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings.  Less common but still prevalent are dragonborns and gnomes, other races including hybrids are uncommon but still present.


The city is run by a royal family like guild called the Envoy who claim heritage from the Four Tacticians of Old. Thought the Envoy is particularly powerful and wealthy, they do not own the citadel, like in the case of earldom, property may be purchased outright and registered at the council archives. Instead the Envoy handles taxation in return for protection and  security, as well as maintenance of municipal ordinance and civic services.


This stone walled citadel is guarded not only by its forces and fortified construction but also by its geography.


The planes along the Tiamat River to the east provide the farming beyond necessary for the inhabitants of Basal. Dry goods are sent downriver to the settlements to the south. The quarries in the Valter Range to the north west, and the forests to the south provide plenty of raw materials for trade and production. Finally, city life and central trade attract many talented craftspeople to operate out of Basal.


The city has had over 600 years to develop, as such it has stone and gravel roads, sewers, public water, mills, manufacturing facilities, entertainment, churches and temples, colleges, and all manner of shops.


As the seat of civilization, bureaucracy practically lives in Basal. The city has had time to accrue wealth and powerful military forces as well as efficient means to production and trade.

Guilds and Factions

Of course craft and trade guilds are present in Basal, along with private security and social guilds. But the most influential guilds are the Order of Halcyon, the College of Basal, and the Immortal Blade, with occasional interjection from the College of Ardennes.


Basal emerged as the seed of civilization at the hands of the Four Tacticians of Old when they began centralizing the people of Hjoldus in the Conquest against monsters. The location was chosen by the Four for its geographical protection and access to resources. After the Four vanished, and the frontlines were pushed back to the Isthmus of Ød, a zealous group splintered from the Church of Threes to form the Order of Halcyon. As trade and manufacturing blossomed in Basal, the various guilds and colleges formed, with the College of Basal opening its doors officially in the winter of 2e33.


Most of the architecture in Basal consists of timber construction and quarried stone foundations. Facades are more often than not dark wood with the exception of some render coated structures. More important or larger structures, such as the council archives, the Envoy Basilica, or some manufacturing facilities are afforded full masonry construction. It is customary for Basal architecture to include colorful, "statement" entry ways and doors, which sharply contrast the dark timber and masonry construction.


Basal is located at 3652 feet in the north-eastern foothills of the Vandr Mountain Range, situated on the junction of the Decanter and Talspate Rivers. To the east lie the planes along the Tiamat River, of which the Decanter and Talspate are tributaries, and to the south the Old Wood forest.

Founding Date
Mid Era of Dawn
Alternative Name(s)
Seat of Civilization
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Vandr Mountain Range
Owning Organization
The Envoy

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