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Church of Threes

Public Agenda

Provide places of worship, teach the true cosmology of Hjoldus to ensure the divine protection for all people of Hjoldus.

Divine Origins

The story of genesis has been told throughout history, deep into the nomadic period before the Era of Dawn. The faith has always been alive, but its practitioner disparate until the centralization at Basal. It was only after the centralization and birth of civilization that the faith could become truly organized by the Church of Threes.

Cosmological Views

Before there was Hjoldus, before there was even the Physical Realm, there was Dacelo, an incomparably powerful being, by all accounts a god. Existing outside of space and unbound by time, Dacelo grew weary in Their ethereal existence and yearned for something new to study, to observe, even to interact with. Of course this was impossible, Dacelo knew everything there was in the universe, They had observed space and time, They understood all energy, forces, and magic, and there was boredom and disappointment in the certainty of all things. But, seemingly out of pure desire, a dream came to Dacelo, something new, an astral body, a physical place, with new forms and being inhabiting it. Dacelo was able to visit this world, They were able to explore it and watch it grow and evolve, the people and creatures upon this world would interact with each other in ways Dacelo never knew possible. This was something new, something Dacelo had never known before. Upon the shocking wake from the dream Dacelo erupted in laughter from the absurdity of such a fictions and impossibilities. Dacelo laughed a booming, guttural laugh, from the depths of Their soul erupted a laugh that shook the universe, rippling space and time. And upon those ripple the Physical Realm took shape. This was the first act of creation. Dacelo eventually calmed and noticed the realm which now stretched before Them in the wake of Their laughter, and They began to grasp the possibility of this new entity, the world that visited Them in Their dream. Dacelo had accidentally created the cradle in which the World Egg would be swaddled and They became Dacelo, God of Creation. Hjoldus grew from the World Egg Dacelo had lain, it took on shapes and creatures They could never have imagined; finally something new to observe and learn from, something that would keep evolving, something that would always provide new subjects to observe. But with creation comes inevitable destruction, so the creation of the Physical Realm attracted Líath, God of Destruction. Hjoldus grew unwieldy in the presence of Líath and Dacelo grew frantic to protect the world and its novelty. So Dacelo shaped, from the physicality of space and time, Calidris, God of Sustenance. Wanting to focus on its study and observation rather than its care, Dacelo charged Calidris with caring for Hjoldus. Calidris, gregarious by nature, took on the charge with great honor and gratitude. Calidris grew very fond of Hjoldus and swore Themselves to its service, pledging to sustain the world for eternity. And so Hjoldus grew, with constant creation and destruction, but always with eternal sustenance.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Do not create, sustain, nor destroy in excess.
  2. Seek to teach, learn, and pray in equal proportion. 
  3. Meet others with cordiality, fore it is natural that any cycle persists. 


The faith is as much in practice as it is in prayer. There are temples to each god where followers are encouraged to pray in equal amounts, but it is expected that one lives by faith outside of the temples as well.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The chosen faith of the Envoy, who funds many of the Church's operations, particularly in Basal.


Order of Halcyon. Devout followers of Dacelo, God of Creation. They do not understand the value of destruction and undermine that of sustenance.

Through lesson and prayer we endure and comprehend.

Founding Date
Harvestsend 3 ED
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Church
Subsidiary Organizations
Permeated Organizations

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