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Lead Up to Adventure

In frontier city is called Aenia's Rest on the west coast. A continent abandoned. Two thousand years ago a catastrophe of mythical proportion. Hartho is a smaller continent to the West where you came from, historically it was one of the only places fit to accept refugees. So hundreds of different cultures and ancestries blended together in this place. However, The High King became greedy, somehow gained immortality, and conquered the entire continent. It's been subject to dozens of coups, rebellions and factioning. The northern quarter of the continent even used the King's words against him and formed a Republic legally and maintains it's sovereignty.   The land is irreparably fucked from the overexploitation of millions of people and the toils of internal war, so people are moving back to the Lost Continent after two millennia of silence. Naturally, as a member of the Gray Tomes your people originated somewhere here long ago. There is so many lost histories, techniques and spells hidden in the ruins of this land, you are one of the many adventurers seeking loot and glory of some sort here. A small possibility even exists that civilization could flourish here again and start something new.