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An ocean of infinite possibility forms together through infinite tides and currents that beckon all who feel their presence to venture forth and explore them. One wave in particular sweeps over your heart as you venture into yourself for purpose and insight. Gasping for breath as the giant wave of energy overtakes you a world suddenly appears before your very eyes. A land of smog, gears, and metal stretch out across the horizon of your heart, expanding to unknown distances. Towers of clockwork stretch towards dark skies of grey smoke, disappearing into the vast unknown of Hevel itself. Vast wastelands of machinery and lost technology hum and roar with activity as your vision slowly begins to clear. What could this world of iron and clockwork hold for you? Go, and see if you can decern Hevels hidden nature, for many have tried to unveil its inner workings, only to later descend into the depths of pure madness and despair. As you walk this mysterious plain and consider its construction remember not to stair too deeply into Hevels hidden nature, less you lose yourself within its inner workings, never to emerge from the sea of iron again.   The Eternus Perceives...