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Simple Elemental Curse - Water

The simple elemental curses are a staple of ritual elemental magic. They rely on exposing the victim to an enchanted portion of the source element and reciting a chant (verbally or mentally).   This curse is carried by water, and is a favorite among amature elemental casters.


The simple elemental water curse is caused by a ritual. It can be performed at long distance if one is familiar with the person to be cursed.    The root cause is typically pissing off an elemental caster.


The first symptom of the curse is instantaneous upon casting. The victim begins to experience annoying tingling sensations throughout their body. Over the next week, they start craving high water foods, like cabbage. In addition, they will start to have sneezing fits at inopportune times. The consumption of water causes all the above symptoms to worsen.   Once the curse has been in place for two weeks, the victim's tongue turns blue. At this point, the victim has about a month to seek treatment before the curse turns permanent.


As with most curses, a cure ritual can relieve the affliction. Specifically earth, wood, and metal cure rituals, as those can take away water. Fire can be used, but it is not advised due to the complicated nature of fire and water’s relationship.   (Water puts out fire, fire evaporates water, but water is created from combustion.)


The only confirmed way to avoid a simple elemental curse is to avoid pissing off an elemental sorcerer. However, this is hard to be sure of.   There is an underground market for various charms and medallions that protect you from curses. These should be taken with a grain of salt, however, since certain protections only work against certain curses.


The simple elemental curses were invented independently throughout the 200s-800s CE. They were compiled and taught together by Enamists in the mid-2000s.

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