The small kingdom of Alfors lies between Lyrisium to the West, Arcon to the East, with Salvorra to the Northwest and Tunitrica to the Northeast. To the South, the Serpent's Gulf stretches beyond the horizon. The mouth of the Vein, the great continent spanning river, lies along the Eastern border with Arcon. It shares the Ironwood with Tunitrica.


Most of Alfors is gentle plains and small streams. The Sheathe Forest marks the Western border with Lyrisium. Alfors claims a portion of the Ironwood as its own, with two cities close enough to defend their claim if need be.


Collectively, the people of Alfors call themselves, their culture, and their language Forsian. The majority of Forsians are Excluding Pentists, with Deist shrines in the temple. With the Ironwood and the Vein on the Eastern edge of the Kingdom, the people there tend towards trading and producing Ironwood goods. The people in the plains of Western Alfors tend towards more pastoral and agricultural trades. The nearness of Alfors population centers makes travel within the kingdom less dangerous than that of others with longer distances between cities. This translates to more travel from city to city and an even higher standard of safety along the roads. The average Forsian has little trouble visiting a neighboring settlement. Far from the mountains, there are few Dwarfs within Alfors, however Air, Earth and Water Pixie swarms can be seen with regularity; city centers often have groves where Pixies gather. Elfin tribes exist within the Ironwood, with Elfin neighborhoods in the capital of Janhurst and the city of Belton at its border.


Despite heightened security afforded to Forsians, the large open plains are home to several dangers. Orcish tribes roam the plains, seeking to ravage any who dare stray from the roads. Nomadic Centaur herds move between Salvorra, Tunitrca, and into Alfors following their ancient foraging paths. Serpent's Gulf is home to Kraken and Hydra, both food for the ancient dragon known as The Serpent. Hobgoblins infest the Ironwood, making a difficult job of gathering the incredibly hard wood a potentially life-threatening one as well. And, of course, where there is money there is banditry.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Notable NPC's: King Leyom; Queen Ny'on; Randar, Steward; Endil, Concillar; General Dradaro; Bemen, Count of Belton; Valencia, Countess of Belton; Therden, Count of Ostmill; Denidan, Count of Merriwald; Copperhead, Dragon   Notable Locations: Janhurst, Capital; Belton; Merriwald; Ostmill; The Ironwood; Legionnaire Academy


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