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Heriqar Realm of Heroes

February 17

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Long ago, a magnificent power shook the core of the Material Plane. The culmination of a boiling conflict left untreated. An all-out war proclaimed by the nigh countless legions of demons from the Abyss to make the surface world their own. It was a full-on assault and invasion of the plane, one that claimed tens of thousands of lives as it ensued. Even with the support and combat capabilities of numerous hardened travelers and warriors, it wasn't enough to eclipse the insurmountable amount of fiends. It was an attack the high gods had not anticipated, and one they worked to quell. Divine intervention was a commonplace occurrence in the ancient days of the realm. It was thought that the gods would help to save and preserve the realm from the overflow of demons.   That was, until Afreen intervened.   The War God took matters into his own hands, as demons flooded into the Material Plane. He would make a theophany, descending from the Godlands with an avatar to take them on. Using his hallowed weapons, it is said that one singular slash by his hand created a massive shockwave, practically ripping the Material Plane in half. A massive rift, known as the Divine Fissure, tore through the fabric of the world, killing countless fiends… and countless denizens of the realm. The planar singularity ripped through flesh, stone and air, as if it were all one and the same. In the blink of an eye, families were ripped apart, continents and homes desecrated. It dwindled the numbers of the abyssal invasion, but at what cost?   Afreen was punished consequently by the gods, but not before his final course of action: he lashed out one last time at a commanding Demon Prince, tackling and hurtling him through countless planes before landing in the Abyss, where they would be sent through an innumerable amount of layers. Eventually, the hurtling stopped, placing the two in a burrow that would take one a millennium to scale once more. This strategy would be the last of the Divine Commander, as his powers and privileges as a high god were stripped, killing him, and leaving a husk of the god's avatar to fester and rot deep within the Abyss.   The attack was enough to send fear into the remaining demons, with the last of them fleeing from the Material Plane. Though much of the damage had already been done, the people of the realm would endlessly work to repair and rebuild from the damages caused.   The surviving gods would agree to end their ways of intervention. They knew that fear had been instilled into the survivors of the Fissure, a fear they had hoped wouldn't transpire, and one they would have to help dissipate by ceasing their active involvement in the deeds of mortals.   While some areas preserved their architecture and survived the attacks, they were outnumbered by the newly forged landmasses, with lands practically scrubbed clean and countries literally ripped apart. What this would lead to, however, was a realm steered by resolve, one with perseverance. Forces of evil were quilled as quickly as they rose. Willpower was bountiful. A newfound sense of inspiration and courage would give way for adventurers and travelers to explore and discover the unknown, developing a world they could own and mold.   This is Heriqar, the Realm of Heroes.