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Polemitherio ton Spelaion

Once believed to be a myth or urban legend, the Warbeast of the Caves as it has commonly been called has recently been proven to be a real creature living within the caves of the Kinnabari Caves, occasionally being seen stalking the nearby beaches in search of a meal. About the size of a small dire wolf, these great beasts more closely resemble a short-haired domesticated dog in appearance, though their nature is undoubtedly feral. The species was discovered fairly recently, back in the 1780s when the region became a popular site for archaeological exploration and has since been a point of interest to certain archaeologists due to their potential connection to the ancient Sovranese.

Basic Information


The Warbeasts are stocky and muscular quadrupeds, with a lot of musculature around the chest and neck. While they have a tail, it is very short and almost seems vestigial.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While technically they are omnivores, they primarily eat various types of meat, which they hunt anywhere they can. They primarily leave the caves they live in at night to hunt for reptiles and crustaceans, though will attack larger animals like deer or gazelle if they wander too close to their caves. They are also known to attack humanoids who wander nearby.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The warbeasts only live in and around the Kinnabari Caves, though it is believed by some that they were brought there by the ancient sovranese.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The warbeasts, like many other canines, have impressive senses of smell, hearing, and taste which they use to perceive the world around them. Being cave dwellers and spending most of their time outside the caves at night, they also have relatively impressive night vision, though their vision overall isn't too impressive.
Conservation Status
Unknown, likely endangered
Average Height
~28 inches
Average Weight
~130 lbs
Geographic Distribution


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