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A pelor is a humanoid isopod-like creature native to the ocean planet, Heberus. Though there are multiple species of pelor, the exact number is unknown. They are not closely related to the crustaceans known as isopods, but their similar appearance and habitats granted them the name "pelor," which is shared by one species of giant isopod.
  Though little is known of pelors, they are sapient creatures that display a level of intelligence similar to that of humans, including the capacity to construct tools and buildings. Interestingly, they are capable of communicating using sign language, though only that of their native language.    Pelors are omnivores and, similarily to isopods, have a variety of feeding methods. Though they are capable of filter feeding, demonstrating an ability to breathe both air and water, they prefer to graze on land or hunt for fish.

Basic Information


The average pelor can stand anywhere from 5'10" (1.77 meters) to well over 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall. Weighing, on average, 180-340 pounds, pelors are bulky animals that consist primarily of dense muscle.
  The morphology of a pelor is not unlike that of an isopod, though they are primarily bipedal animals. The dorsal (back portion) parts of a pelor are covered by a chitinous exoskeleton, a series of overlapping, articulated plates that provide flexibility while also giving protection. Their lower back and body are covered by this same exoskeleton, which tapers off into a fanned tail, similarily to a lobster. A pelor’s underbelly is soft, but the skin is slightly thick, providing extra protection against predators. Unusually, it closely resembles a human anatomically, though a pelor is much bulkier. It has three pairs of arms, two of which are lower and smaller but sport larger, overlapping plates that cover the dorsal side of the hands, completely shielding their digits. These arms, though they are too small and short to hold most weapons comfortably, are typically folded in front of the pelor’s ventral (front portion) to shield it.  Pelors have two pairs of antennae, one of which is bigger than the other. Their eyes are narrow, angular, and black with white pupils. Due to their tapetum lucidum, their eyes are highly reflective.
150 years
Average Height
5'10" - 7" (1.77m - 2.13m)
Geographic Distribution


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