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Helm's Hold

The Fortress Capital of Clan Drelinmar

" It was hard to catch my breath as we came to a rest at the top of the ridge. It wasn't just from the thinning air and the arduous climb either. Their across the next great valley, resting against the shear face of the mountain rested Helm's Hold in al its glory. smoke ross in great plums, rolled across that bright evening sky as I looked upon that settlement build beneath the shadow of a titan's lost helmet...."
-From the Journal of Master Bard Trent Two-Fiddle, 458 EL
From its thick walls to the two massive unassailable gatehouses that guard its boundaries, The seat of power for Clan Drelinmar is one of the greatest constructions ever rough out of this post- calamity age that Vierda has been left with. It most defining feature though was never build by the industrious folk of Strigg but by a God.    A Great helm sits at the of that Valley. Rising hundreds of feet upwards and fits the entire settlement beneath its dome. Left behind by a now slay deity and forged from the mythical material known as Glamourous it is a true wonder of the epoch. It provided a young untested clan that claimed its boundaries unparalleled wealth and protection for the centuries that followed.   Home to thousand of folk it is by far the largest settlement on the island. There under the dome, comes the constant clanging of anvils and the roaring of the forge. lit by the few hours of light streaming in through massive eye holes high above and the numerous hanging chandelier of equally grand design is a city of steel and stone. All guarded under the ever watchful and stalwart gaze of the Clan Drelinmar, their queen and Banner, A fitting sigil of a gold helm and a Black hammer.

Industry & Trade

Helm's hold Main export is obviously there Steel, no place across Vierda crafts as much of the stuff as they do. But probably Drelinmar most lucrative product are the weapons they craft from glamourous.    They have an unthinkable amount of the god metal at there disposal. but in actuality very little they are able to craft or sell. As the metal is some of strongest material found on Hune. It takes the city years to shave off enough of the metal forge even a single blade. They are nevertheless worth it as the what is crafted is truly legendary. In total there is probably no more then a hundred weapons crafted so far from Helm's holds forges using glamourous.
Founding Date
12 EL
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2 Aug, 2021 19:45

Very intersting concept for a settlement! Would it at some point be at risk of collapsing since they remove material from the Helm itself?

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