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Kybernetics, while the idea of merging man and machine had long been debated, until now the world lacked ways to power such devices efficiently. But with the help of Rudolf Diesel's discovery of additives and processes to refine existing fossile fuels this has become a problem of the past.

Likewise advancements and especially miniaturisation of fossile fuel engines has allowed technology to advance at an unprecedented rate.


Fuel Types

  • Sangre - Petroleum mixed with chemically treated bone Dust (most donor bones can be used, but whale bone offers the best results) under extreme pressure and heat, results in an extremely energy dense form of fuel. The fuel releases the stored energy under two conditions, first, when an electric current is applied to it, Sangre will then release the energy in a controlled manner for as long as the current is maintained, giving of a slight red sheen as it does so. Second, when Sangre is exposed to high temperatures it releases the stored energy explosively, glowing blindingly red in the process. La sangre is mostly used in Kybernetics or other comparitively small devices.
  • Enriched gas - Natural gas, refined


  • Otto-Langen Miniature-Engine - a miniature diesel engine, capable of withstanding the energy release of Sangre while maintaining a steady transformation from chemical energy to kinetic energy, the smallest known Otto-Langen Engine is the size of a common tabacco tin
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