Kybernetics are pieces of technology, powered by miniature diesel engines and enriched fuel, which enhance or add to the abilities of the human body.   They fall into two general categories:
  • Visible -anything attached to the outside ex: a replacement arm
  • Concealable -anything mostly covered with skin ex: a replacement stomache
  And come in several grades of quality:
  1. Prosthetic
  2. Makeshift
  3. Armee
  4. Noble
  5. Swizzwerk

Running Hot

A feature common to visible Kybernetics is the ability to run hot. Kybernetics that run for longer at a time run more efficiently, using up less fuel, but at the same time they lose a significant amount of energy as heat. This leads to damage to the implant but can also be used in creative ways, for example a hot running arm could be used to set a wooden building on fire or add extra heat damage to a punch.  
This article is a Work In Progress and will be updated in the future.


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