Diesel Haze


Diesel Haze or just the Haze is a recent weather phenomenon, originally localized around industrial centers. Together with the spread of factories and machines to the most remote parts of Europe, so too Diesel Haze can now be found on the entire continent.



Haze occurs in four levels of severity:

  1. Green - at this level the Haze obscures long distance vision and is safe but unpleasant to breathe. It is comparable to a light fog.
  2. Yellow -
  3. Orange -
  4. Red - Red level Haze becomes thick and offers noticable resistance while walking through it. It sticks to organic material and breathing it in or ingesting contaminated food items leads to immediate respiratory problems or worse rapid mutation. Discharges of electricity similar to a lightning strike are possible. Special Red level cleared breathing masks and safety gear are needed to pass through it. Carrying a weapon is likewise recommended to fend of mutated animals and humans. This level of Haze is comparable to walking through a snowstorm.
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