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Shutter wolf


Wolves have always lived in the wilder parts of Europe and though humanity had driven them almost to extinction they have found new life in the Diesel Haze. Many valleys are innaccessible due to the hazes toxic effect on humans and have become a shelter for many different animal species.


The Shutter wolves are the result of the wolves' exodus to these toxic areas. They have lost their natural colouring, appearing in tones of light grey all year round with rarely occuring albino variants. The average shutter wolf is taller than his common cousine due to his elongated legs but about the same length. Its snout is shorter but much broader, combined with their snake-like ability to increase their jaw width they make for a fearsome sight to behold.


Shutter wolves get their name from their ability to momentarily mimic the surrounding environment in rapid succession. This does not allow them to become invisible but rather creates a dizzying effect which often mesmerizes their prey. It also makes it extremely difficult to predict their exact movements. This is not a constant effect but seems to be an instinctual response when faced with larger animals or during fights for mates or territory.



Shutter wolves inherited the well developed sense of smell and hearing posessed by most canines. In comparison their eyesight is considerably worse during the daytime due to their increased photosensitivity which allows them to function at a higher capacity during the night.



Their elongated legs allow them to move quickly, of note is their ability to achieve explosive bursts of speed.



Unlike common wolves, Shutter wolves are loners and ambush predators, waiting patiently in any area big enough to accomodate them before springing into action and devouring their prey in one bite.

They commonly eat small mammals such as rabbits or squirrels as well as fish and amphibians, but have been observed attempting to swallow young deer when desperate.


Danger to humans

Due to the limited nature of the Shutter wolves' natural habitat they often wander into human inhabitet areas where they devour mostly lifestock and pet animals. They will however also attempt to steal young children, invading human homes to do so when they sense and opportune moment. And though rarely, attack even adult humans when desperate for food, especially during dinner time when they sense ready made morsels for them to devour.


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