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Swiftstride Amulet

This delicate amulet, crafted from the lightest silver and adorned with a feather motif, vibrates with an almost imperceptible hum. When worn, the Swiftstride Amulet grants its bearer the grace and swiftness of the wind itself.   Designed for the agile and the quick, the Swiftstride Amulet is a prized possession for any who wish to step lightly and swiftly, whether for adventure, battle, or the thrill of the heist.  


Swift Movement: The wearer's base movement speed increases by 15 feet. This effect does not stack with other magical items or effects that increase movement speed.
Evasion Surge: Once per long rest, as a reaction to a successful attack or spell that targets only the wearer, they can activate the amulet to instantly move up to 30 feet away without provoking opportunity attacks. This movement does not trigger traps or magical effects that are triggered by movement.
Wind's Grace: The wearer gains advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks and can jump double the usual distance. This does not consume any extra movement.
Feather Fall: The wearer can cast Feather Fall on themselves once per long rest, without using a spell slot or material components.

Mechanik & Funktionsweise

Activation Word: The amulet activates its powers at the utterance of the word “Swiftwind”. The word is engraved in ancient script on the back of the amulet, often only visible under the light of the full moon.


Legends say the Swiftstride Amulet was first crafted by a guild of thieves who served the god of wind and freedom. They used these amulets to perform incredible feats of thievery and escape, evading capture with the swiftness of a gust. Over time, the secret of their creation spread to other realms, making these amulets highly sought after by adventurers and rogues alike.
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