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Halcyon's Edge Welcome to the world of Xyvius Scales

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Notice: This World/Site contains the Personal Interests portion of what was previously called "forsakenlands.com". All of the Campaign Setting content has been separated and is now located at Forsaken Lands.

Formerly Forsaken

Formerly a part of The Forsaken Lands website, Halcyon's Edge is a "world" detailing my personal interests and hobbies. These and the details of my Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting were all under the same site; so I have now moved the personal things here and I am leaving the D&D content under the "forsakenlands.com" url.

Feel free to browse the World Codex to the left to see what this site has to offer or head on over to Forsaken Lands to check out the Forsaken Lands Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting.