New Year, New Worlds

Starting Fresh in 2020

Sometimes, we as writers and worldbuilders need to take a break, recharge our collective batteries, and step away from the complex fictional drama and war torn galaxies we love. However, too long of a break can leave us feeling lost. Adrift and unsure of how to continue.   If this is you right now after the collective holiday season, fear not! Just start anew with a new world and new goals! Just don't forget your thank you notes!  

Clearing the Metagrowth

Starting fresh can seem daunting, especially if there is a lot of residual worldbuilding still floating around in your mind. Take the time to unwind and partake in activities seperate from your normal hobbies. Usually read a lot of fantasy fiction? Watch some war or nature documentaries. Love studying historical events? Cozy up with some hot choccy and binge some sci-fi shows. Scientific studies have shown that partaking in media or activities unrelated to a writing project can help clear the mind and open up new neurological pathways. This is super important and allows you to both get back into an old project with fresh eyes (the ol' re-read and edit) or start on something new that you haven't done before!   As a writer, we tend to seek out things that are similar to what we are working on for inspiration. Nothing wrong with this, but it can lead to believing you are just stealing ideas from a different source. Give yourself creative room to work and stretch.  

Self Care? You Mean World Care.

An important part of your World in the new year is easily overlooked. YOU! Without you, your world will not exist, so make sure you are taking care of yourself, the whole you, as completly as possible. Eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting outside, socializing, and exercise are extremly important. Also, do not forget to take care of the spiritual you, whether that means attending church, meditating, or just taking time to enjoy life.   Never forget that Worldbuilding in the next year is not just about putting words down, but about you and your creative process.  

Hitting the Streets

Or the Cyber Highway

In the new year, you may be looking to monetize your world, either through publishing, streaming, gaming, or any other avenue. I'll be working on an article about this, but always keep in mind that the goal is to release a product that you are proud of, both in scope and how you reached your end product. Never let anyone tell you you aren't working hard enough. As long as you market and advertise, you are getting word of your project out to the masses.


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