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Spider Person Goddess

goddess of love and passion; and all pleasures that take place under the cover of night. Widely known as one of the most beautiful and most crafty immortals. She has the ability to detect even the faintest emotions in those around her and is an excellent liar and actress. With a little time, she can evoke any reaction in anyone she wants. Due to this, many entertainers/performers/actors/other creatives worship her in hopes that their works will be passionate and skillful enough to evoke passion in the audience as well.   Arachaphobia is a bit of an issue (towards both this goddess and her species), and some wonder why love and passion are under her juristiction. More yet believe that she is some evil entity, presiding over crimes and misfortune that takes place in the night. Such people usually say that she should (or does) preside over fear, or evil. She is almost seen as some Lolth-like figure, which she doesn't particularly enjoy, but she leans into it when it suits her (usually for aesthetic reasons lol).   Visually, she has many 'exotic' piercings, such as a tonge ring, angel fangs, three vertical labrets on her bottom lip, high nose piercings, and various on other parts of her body. She favors any precious material, and often switches it depending on her mood and what persona she is leaning into.   Greatly enjoys fashion and is always finding new and interesting ways to make very different clothing styles suit her biology. She never makes this interest explicitly clear, however, she is never seen in the same outfit twice within the same century. ARACHNID PEOPLE :D often base their clothing styles after simplified versions of her outfits, and she sets many trends for her people.   She makes rather regular appearances at her temples and events, and is one of the gods that usually resides in the mortal plane. Each and every one of her temples contain a room just for her that none are allowed to enter lest they are cleaning or have been explicitly invited in.

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