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Owl Not-kenku language

Very strict word order, gap moe between 'round/full' sounding and 'sharp/shrill/screechy'

Writing System

potentially similar to how owl speech is portrayed in that one athena graphic novel, written with ink on a stylus or carved into soft stone with tools or talons


Vowels: /ɔ, ɞ, ɜ, i, y, ʉ, u, e, ä, ɒ/ (creaky vs uncreaky, tones)   Consonants: /c, m(k), r, r̥ , ç, ǂ, q, ħ, ǁ, ɴ, s, c͡ç, ǃ, ŋǃ, ŋǁ, ŋǂ, ʝ, ʌ̝̊/

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