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owner of The Fox's Garden. somewhere between ningguang, xinyi, yelan and the old brothel owner from the first episode of mononoke.  
  • long, sharp red painted nails, pinky and ring fingers have nail protectors
  • white fur and hair
  • wears primarily red and gold
  • was originally one of the blossoms, but took over after the death of the former madame
  • repeating cycles of trauma to some degree
  • better conditions than before, but still not ideal
  • she made the establishment more safe
  • started paying the blossoms; food and board are covered, so with this they can save up to buy other things, or buy out of their contracts
  • not much, but it's there
  • also implemented a system where the girls can buy their way out
  • makes sure they're not just getting bought by someone else
  • degree of vetting and how difficult she makes it depends both on the amount offered and what intentions she can sense.
  • can detect intentions to some extent- biological kitsune thing
  • she enchanted the entire building and everything in it (including the air-- it is given the enchantment as soon as it passes the border of the enchantments) so that germs or viruses cannot be transferred (a thin, but unbreakable layer of air that covers everyone and everything, so no bodily fluids can effect the girls.
  • information broker
  • Children
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