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Fae fucker

Produced by one of the many explosions of magic usage during the final battle– the one that left many more toji than had existed beforehand. Likely from too’s suicidal final attack that left the battlefield a smoking crater– remains a bowl-like valley even in redhead’s time. [His] Life was pretty difficult– coming into existence soon after the most destructive magic-based conflict between mortals (enough to rival the gods’ fights), with wildly fluctuating magic levels in the environment. Fae are both meant to absorb excess magic– their creation and growth and existence in general uses magic (and when magic is used by a fae, it ceases to exist as magic). Fae are one of the only living species on the planet that do not produce their own magic– they must absorb it from the atmosphere/environment/etc. This fucker had it extra rough, since only seven fae eggs can be in development at one time and there had already been six at the time of the final battle, he had been created by even more magic than usual, and continued to absorb that excess magic as he grew. Since magic levels are not usually so high, his molts (which include filling one’s carapace with liquid magic) take excessively long to complete– as the massive amounts that he developed to withstand are not particularly commonplace. Other fae continued to be developed both before and after this point at an accelerated rate compared to any other point in history. They had been rather rare prior – maybe one every 1-5 years at each pool. And had accelerated to one every time the guardian tree picked up an egg (one every 1-2 months). This accelerated rate fell back to normal roughly half a decade after the final battle. This fucker was created from an abnormally large drop of condensed magic, in the farthest east fae pool in the norther hemisphere. As all fae, his drop of magic triggered the growth of a fae egg flower (visually similar to water lilies– but both bioluminescent and without lilypads). After a month, his egg was about to hatch, and picked up by the guardian tree. In the last moments the egg is with its flower, jensò  gives the new fae their true name– one that they are not to share with anyone– lest they trust that person with full control over them (as that is what a fae’s true name grants). The nursery was excessively full– at least 15 other juvenile fae were there alongside the new egg.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

uses very little magic closer to the present; has to resort to directly drinking magic from beings when actively using excessive magic-- expecially during molts. As general magic levels lower, he has a harder time with effectively everything and has to consume magic based foods in general.

Body Features

Very very thin without carapace, long straight hair

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