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Fae Deity


His carapace appearance as a god is to pay homage to jensò, as it was jensò that made him a deity in the first place (and who created his species). The character on his face reads "magic" in masuge-dǎo.   His common name, āni, was given due to the sheer amount of magic he absorbed during development, and his proficiency as a juvinile. āni means magic in Fae Language. He is also referred to in different languages with their own word for magic, save for masuge-dǎo. As all fae, he was given a true name by jensò, and jensò remains the only being to know āni's true name.

He has other forms as well, but this is his favored appearance for immortal business.

Divine Domains

The deity of magic as a substance-- not the use of it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

This deity was the first fae. He was made a deity after several hundred years, so jensò didn't have to pay as much attention to fae's duty in regulating magic. Additionally, it was especially due to him that magic levels were able to properly stabilize, which was why he was chosen-- as well as the fact that he'd endeared himself to jensò.

Morality & Philosophy

Is very similar to jensò, considering they were the only two deities that knew of one another for a significant amount of time. He outwardly takes very few things seriously, and finds joy in messing with mortals.

Personality Characteristics


Āni's core motivation is to keep jensò pleased with him. So, he takes great care to properly maintain his domain and to stay a refreshing prescence for jensò. Āni is reather chaotic by nature, and jensò revels in that chaos, as it is a welcome reprieve from their endless boredom.
Divine Classification
Long, magenta, straight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
12 ft, including the horns

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