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Arachnid people language :D

probably kind of hiss-y, not to the same degree as snakes; probably clicks and ejectives-- done by mandibles. Mostly contains voiceless consonants, and has a bit of an eclectic vowel inventory. (A/N: eeeeee this is so fun and excitingggggg~!)   Words are from vulgarlang and very very v ery very roughh at the moment. i only like ~2 words lol   osv word order; Strict word placement-- [adjective describing object] [object] [subject] [adjective describing subject] [adverb] [verb] [time gesture (past/present/future/continuing/at some point in the past/etc)]   Partially signed/articulated with body (time gestures done with hands in official capacities/formal reasons (considered "more civilized" by other species), while casual conversation is done with different arachnid leg gestures (different legs drawing simple patterns at different places around the body).


Consonants: /ç, ɕ, ʃ, s, ɸ, θ, r̥ , ʁ, n̥ , m̥ , x, ɕʼ, xʼ, sʼ, ʃʼ, cʼ, ǀ, ǃ, ǂ, ǁ/   Vowels: /i, e, a, œ/

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