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The Ont

The Ont, or the Mother and Father of all, is the one where all of the Eight Aspected spawn from. They are the supreme being. The Ont's name comes from one of the old words of Power meaning "owner of." The Creation Myth tells of the Ont to be omnipotent power in the universe and the creator of all life. It says that the Ont created the world as a place for him to live but soon after its creation, the world became infected with demons. The Ont went back into the space outside of the world and sent down four beings, called the Four Knights of the Wind to exterminate the world. The knights then corrupted themselves by laying with demons and created four races, who the knights used as an army to finish the Ont's mission.   The Ont upset with his knights decided to try to destroy the world but overpowered himself and split himself into countless pieces that floated down unto the world creating humans. The first eightreceived the majority of the Ont's power than anyone else and therefore are looked at as gods.

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