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Griot's Song

The First Day of the Northern Lion of the Month of Jidè, in the year 547

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The stories of Griot's Song takes place in a fictional world, primarily on a continent called Exum a large China-sized continent with an ancient history stretching over eight thousands of years, but also on other landmasses to the east is the Lands of The Matronate and to the North, the warring kingdoms of Ridera and the Seven Sultanates of Djangas.   After the Faeroahs vanished from the world and all of its people, only pieces of their technology remained but none fo the knowledge to work it. The only creations that the Faeroahs left on the planet that still worked was the Sphinxes, a creature of magic who are religiously hunted in the lands of Exum, and the banished Jakaphets, a hyena-human hybrid who are stereotyped to behave more hyena than human.   The disappearance of the Faeroahs left the world in an almost post-apocalyptic dark age where mankind has to regain it's knowledge all over again and they are years generations removed from their caves.   The stories of Griot's Song take place 547 years after the disappearance of the Faeroahs.

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