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Angelic Court

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the court is to house the five Angels thzt form the Angelic Core as well as the hundred representatives, split evenly between the Seraphim and Cherubim. It is mostly used as a court house, but sometimes from the organization of tasks, and assets amongst the Angels. Many have been exiled from Heaven in this building. It is also the resting place of any Angels that served in the core, their tombs rest below the main floor.

Contents & Furnishings

The buildings main floor, has a hundred and five seats, each seat is accompanied by a large stone slab, and multiple Record Cubes and at least one Record Cube Encoder. Other items within the main floor include; coffins, Iron rods, and playing cards. On the bottom floor there are resting places of former members of the Angelic core.


The court is build upon a base of unknown substance, large stone pillars encase the entire building, the roof is domed, with the inner part being a cylinder. The hundred seats are arranged in a circle around the center, where five seats sit, for each of the core, the distance is about twenty feat. The whole building is a brilliant white stone, that differs from most. On each pillar is a engraved story, they differ, and have so relation, but are there regardless, most cannot be understood, though some are common tales.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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