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Atreides Interceptor

A pair of interceptors are located within the docking bays of the Pride of Atreides, the players' capital ship. Incapable of drift travel, these are short range vessels only, but are extremely fast.

RPG Datasheet

2x Interceptors   Size Tiny, Base Cost 6BP ea.   Maneuverability perfect (+2 Piloting, turn 0)   HP 30 (increment 5 DT —; CT 6   Mounts forward arc (2 light)   Expansion Bays 0   Minimum Crew 1; Maximum Crew 1   Power Core: Arcus Heavy, 130PCU 13BP   T14 Thrustures, Speed:14 hexes, -2 piloting modifier, 40PCU, 7BP   Mk4 armor +4 AC, 5BP   Ship ICM Computer: Mk 4 Duonode, +4/+4, 25PCU, 32BP   Common Crew quarters 0BP   Defensive Countermeasures: Mk 4 Defenses, +4 to TL, 3PCU, 6BP   Sensors: Advanced Short range, +4 to checks, 4BP   x2 Linked Gyrolasers, 1d8, 10PCU, 3BP ea +1 linked=20PCU, 7BP   Medium Shield 100, 100SP, 4sp/min regen, 30PCU, 15BP   95/95BP   118/130PCU

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