Travel Distance and Time


Distance By Land


Distance By Sea


The Basics

North to South, Westeros is approximately ~3,000 miles / ~4800km
West to East at its widest, Westeros is approximately ~900miles / ~1450km
The Wall is 100 leagues long, or 300 miles / ~480km
in Essos, the Smoking Sea (west-east): 520 miles  

Land Travel (with breaks)

On foot: 24 miles / 28 km per day
On horseback: 30-40 miles / 50-65 km per day
With pack animals or carriages: 20-30 miles / 30-50 km per day

Sea Travel

170 miles / 270 km per day (sailing day AND night)
presumably halve that if not sailing at night

Raven Messages

500 miles / 800 km per day at max speed
ravens may leapfrog from keep to keep unless highly trained

Dragon Flight

35-60 miles / 60-100 km per hour with a rider    

Roads from King's Landing

  • Kingsroad - to Winterfell or Storm's End
  • Roseroad - to Highgarden
  • Goldroad - To Casterly Rock