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Wilhelm Clemence


Sherriff Wilhelm "Will" Clemence is renowned for corruption and is the head of what passes for the law in Ravengro. Given his shady background, many assumed his appointment was a joke. That changed once he started arresting people.   The sheriff is a thug in a fancy uniform, plain and simple. He is openly and aggressively corrupt, using his office to line his pockets as much as possible. He has the dubious honour of being the most hated being in Ravensgro, as he is tasked with enforcing the Governor-Mayor’s erratic (usually contradictory) decrees. Sheriff Clemence keeps the peace as he sees fit with his Gavel of Judgment and Bracers of Coercion.   Along with his right-hand "man," Deputy Freyja, Sheriff Clemence "keeps the peace" in town.
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