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Temporal Bracers of Leng

As the name would imply, the Temporal Bracers of Leng come from the land of Leng. They were presented to Karzoug as a gift of good faith from his allies and compatriots from Leng.   The bracers are extremely powerful artifacts of transmutation magic, specifically chronomantic transmutation. The wearer can manipulate and rewrite time, even using time as a weapon. One of the more powerful abilities that the bracers provide is the Erase from Time ability. This allows the wearer to remove a target from existence. This removal is complete, erasing every aspect of the target - images, memories, everything.
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The denizens of Leng who gave the bracers to Karzoug assured him that these were one-of-a-kind items. Given the nature of the items, it is unlikely that these are the only Temporal Bracers in existence.