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Sleepless Agency

The Sleepless Agency advertises that it sells security—though what form that assurance takes varies depending on the organization’s diverse clientele. Run by its founder, the mysterious Cesadia Wrentz, this well-connected, highly organized, and unscrupulously professional agency of guards and detectives hires anyone with the coin to pay for its services. While the organization touts its successes at finding lost persons, exposing corruption, and guarding precious treasures, it downplays many members’ inclinations toward invasiveness, sabotage, and strong-armed harassment.


The Agency is highly organized and run by its founder, Cesadia Wrentz, about whom little is known.

Public Agenda

The Sleepless Agency uses its extensive connections to protect, investigate, or acquire anything its clients request with discretion. It is especially adept at finding missing people, uncovering damaging information, infiltrating organizations, and protecting valuable items and people.


Like many security organizations, the Agency employs private guards for hire. However, its sleepless detectives are especially well regarded in the Inner Sea region for their mastery of deduction and investigation. These detectives are uniquely skilled in forensic thaumaturgy and hematomancy.

Foreign Relations

While the Agency promotes its agents' discretion, professionalism, and effectiveness, it also downplays the sometimes invasive or underhanded tactics they employ.
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Notable Members