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Scion Squad

The Scion Squad is a well-known trio of adventurers from Ustalav.
  • Vixus the All-Mighty, a gladiator who loved nothing more than proving himself.
  • Khellek, a wizard who was often the smartest person in the room and knew it.
  • Tirra, a rogue with a taste for the finer things in life.
Khellek enjoys the celebrity status the party has amassed to date. Tirra relishes in the riches and gifts that are showered upon them. Vixus embraces the challenges that follows the Scion Squad.

Divine Origins

The Scion Squad is an adventuring party formed by chance, united by a shared desire for adventure, wealth, and fame. The group consists of three individuals, each with unique skills and personalities.   Vixus the All-Mighty, the first member of the squad, was a gladiator who had fought in countless battles and tournaments, earning a reputation for his power and ferocity. However, he grew tired of fighting for the amusement of others and yearned for a greater purpose. One day, he overheard a group of adventurers discussing a quest to retrieve a powerful artifact from a treacherous dungeon. Seeing this as an opportunity to prove himself, Vixus decided to join them.   Khellek, the second member, was a wizard who had spent most of his life studying magic and seeking knowledge. He was often the smartest person in the room, but his arrogance and condescending attitude made him unpopular with others. One day, while exploring a library, Khellek overheard Vixus boasting about his skills and decided to join him on his quest, believing that the gladiator could provide protection. At the same time, he used his magic to solve any problems they might encounter.   Tirra, the final member of the squad, was a rogue who had a taste for the finer things in life. She had grown up in a wealthy family and had always enjoyed the thrill of stealing and collecting rare and expensive items. While on a job to steal an artifact from a museum, she crossed paths with Vixus and Khellek, who were also attempting to retrieve the same artifact. After a brief scuffle, Tirra joined them, believing their quest could lead to even greater riches.   Together, the Scion Squad has since gone on many adventures, using their individual skills to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Vixus is the front-line fighter, charging into battle with his mighty stone-encased blade "Unworthy." Khellek provides support from a distance, using his spells to attack enemies and protect his allies. Tirra is the group's sneaky thief, using her agility and wit to disarm traps and outmaneuver enemies.   Overall, the Scion Squad is a formidable force, combining strength, intelligence, and cunning to overcome any challenge that comes their way.
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