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Pnakotic Manuscripts

  • Pnakotic Manuscript is a book of devilish ingenuity. Literally. There are recipes and rituals for creating many artifacts. There are believed to be fifteen volumes because Volume Fifteen is the highest number discovered so far. Only four are known to exist - 3, 5, 8, and 15. The Cheliax dealer Damocleus Gallus owns Volume Eight.
  • The author of the books is a devil named Mentaari, fascinated with crafting things, especially gauntlets and armor. He created many of the weapons used by devils in their ongoing war against demons.
  • The books are each bound in strips of his flesh.
  • Since these books have disappeared from the infernal planes, many devils attempt to scry on them. They do this to keep tabs on them, but also to spy on whoever possesses the books.
Item type
Book / Document
There are potentially fifteen volumes, but only four are known to currently be in existence.