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Order of Magnimar Security

The Order of Magnimar Security (OMS) is an intelligence agency that works through vast networks to collect information regarding potential threats to Magnimar and its surrounding communities. Spies and double agents are placed in various organizations from the Aspis Consorteum to the Pathfinder Society and all matter of gangs, cults, and organizations in between. If someone plans something within the wall of Magnimar, it is only a matter of time before the OMS discovers it.   That's not to say that the OMS is without corruption of its own. It is Magnimar after all. There are people within the organization who can - and have - been bought, prompted to part with some collected information for a price.


The Chief Intelligencer of Magnimar coordinates various agent operations. Only a handful of subordinates know what operations are going on at any one time.

All-seeing, All-knowing

Alternative Names

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