Magepoint, formerly known as Halashire, is a coastal village approximately 75 miles from the city of Riddleport.


  • 80% Human
  • 5% Half-Elf
  • 5% Elf
  • 4% Gnome
  • 3% Halfling
  • 3% Other


Magepoint has developed into what it is due to the influence of the archmage Morthos and his adopted brother Arnaud. However, they are rarely available. @Cymria lives directly in the town of Magepoint and is their closest ally. She tends to watch over the town and is trusted to make decisions on their behalf. Her word is their word.


Many of the Magepoint farmers and fishermen, male and female, were trained as infantry, archers, or cavalry; they are tougher and braver than most levied troops. Their horses are well-bred light war horses. A family of 20 dwarves does smithy work for the village and neighboring farms. The town guard is comprised of this active-duty military force, who return to their farms and fishing rods when back on reserve. The guards are often led by retired adventurers. All feel it is their duty to serve and protect Magepoint and the serenity it provides.

Industry & Trade

  • Agriculture and fishing
  • Tourism of sorts. Many come to speak to Morthos, or study in his library. They bring their coin to town.
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